Airbnb changes iCAL calendar export feed data, starting December 1st.

Airbnb recently sent out the following email: As part of Airbnb’s ongoing efforts to minimize exposure of guest information, exported iCal events will no longer display reservation details. These changes will take effect on December 1, 2019. What’s changing? The iCal calendar sync description for reservations will display only the last 4 digits of the guest […]


September Updates

— New Max Window Filter on Scheduling Calendar – View tasks based on window of time length.— New Report Accept / Decline— New Quick Report Check In/Outs— Staff Tags improvements make them easier to set up.— Ability to attach Issues to Tasks (edit Issues to assign to Tasks), and Tasks to Issues (edit Tasks to […]

Should Owners use Vacasa for Vacation Rentals or go with a Local Company

Should Owners use Vacasa for Vacation Rentals or go with a Local Company?

Homeowners of short-term vacation rentals may decide to manage their listings on their own, or they may choose to use a vacation rental property management company. There are local property management companies, as well as worldwide companies, so which one should owners choose for the best results? What Is Vacasa? Vacasa is a widely known […]

vacation rental management featured

Accounting 101 for Vacation Rental Management

Managing or owning vacation rentals can be a lucrative business with many complexities involved in accounting for managing vacation rental properties. These complexities are unique and dependent upon on the quantity of your inventory, where you manage them, and how often you have guests. To help you untangle these complexities that surround vacation rental accounting, […]

In the News - Google Is Getting Into Vacation Rentals

In the News – Google Is Getting Into Vacation Rentals

Google is now squarely and firmly into the vacation rental business. It was only a matter of time before this mammoth of a search engine got in on the act. Google started off by offering flights and hotels in their travel search options for almost a decade now. Recently, however, probably thanks to the popularity […]

Stay Here – the New Vacation Rental Reality Show on Netflix

Stay Here – the New Vacation Rental Reality Show on Netflix

You may remember the show Trading Spaces on TLC. It was hosted by Genevieve Gorder and featured two sets of neighbors decorating a room in each other’s homes. Well, Genevieve Gorder has traded in Trading Spaces for Netflix’s new vacation rental reality show Stay Here. Genevieve Gorder, interior designer, teams up with real estate expert […]


Top 10 Reasons to Become an Airbnb Host

For about 11 years now, Airbnb has been a proven source of income for millions of people across the globe. With well over 6 million listings spread over more than 100 thousand cities across 191+ countries and regions, it’s safe to say that Airbnb is a wonderful business option for those who don’t mind hosting. […]

Top Vacation Rental Locations

Top Vacation Rental Locations

Whether you are a guest or a host, there are some locations that are just perfectly situated for vacation rentals. Think about places that have all the major hallmarks for merry-making: lively, good weather, nice people, eclectic attractions and most of all- they are affordable. Today, we are going to look at some of the […]

Top Ten Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Top Ten Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb has quickly become a genuine way for people to make money by renting out their homes. According to Airbnb, at least half of all its hosts make more than $500 a month on rental income thanks to the platform. With better advertising, better location and a better description of your home, you can make […]

Top 10 Ways to Get Great Airbnb Guest Reviews

Top 10 Ways to Get Great Airbnb Guest Reviews

As an Airbnb host of a rental property, it is important for your vacation rental to have a strong positive presence online. A rental property with positive reviews will likely rent quicker than a property with negative or no reviews. To gain great guest reviews on Airbnb, put these 10 strategies to use. 1. Provide […]

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Your Guide to Contacting Airbnb and HomeAway

While there are many different vacation home rental platforms online today, Airbnb and HomeAway are two of the biggest industry players. With millions of users and listings between the two of them, there is a very good chance that if you are going to list your home you will be listing it on either one […]

Top 10 Features to Look for in Vacation Rental Software

Top 10 Features to Look for in Vacation Rental Software

As the owner or property manager of a rental property, you may have quickly learned that a number of factors go into the vacation rental process. You are responsible for communicating with guests, processing payments, updating the rental’s availability, scheduling housekeeping… the list goes on. While managing a vacation rental business is a conceptually simple […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Airbnb Host

The How, What, and Why to Become an Airbnb Superhost

Back in 2016, Airbnb launched a program within the platform that allowed people to become “Superhost.” This was a way to reward their most devoted hosts, and the platform stated that the Superhost status came with a number of excellent perks that could help skyrocket the monthly income of anyone who joined this newly established […]

Tax Benefits for Owning Vacation Rental Properties

Tax Benefits for Owning Vacation Rental Properties

When you think about taking your vacation home and advertising it for short-term rental, you may consider the additional income you will receive to be the biggest benefit; but what about tax benefits? “Tax benefit” may seem like an oxymoron, but when it comes to vacation rental properties, this oxymoron proves to be true. The […]

Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Vacation Rental Software

Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Vacation Rental Software

One of the benefits of living in an instant-gratification world is having the internet readily available at your fingertips for any application. Have you ever had a conversation with friends where the conversation leads to haphazardly discussing how much it would cost to plan a vacation together? In today’s world, one of you will get […]

Looking to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business 5 Strategies to Consider

Looking to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business? 5 Strategies to Consider

You own property located in a prime vacation spot that you would like to rent, so you create a website for potential guests to learn about the property. There’s only one problem. No one is booking your vacation rental. Unfortunately, the key to a successful vacation rental business is held by the amount of guests […]

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Investing in a Vacation Rental – the Whys and Why Nots

A vacation rental investment can have many appealing benefits on the surface; you own a home you can visit anytime, you can make money, and you can easily manage the listing on popular websites like Vrbo, Airbnb, and HomeAway. Try not to let these advantages blind you. There are many issues beneath the surface that […]

How to Start an Airbnb Cleaning Service

How to Start an Airbnb Cleaning Service

Market disrupting services such as Airbnb often end up creating a myriad of business opportunities for people who are keen enough to take advantage of the innovations. While at its core, Airbnb is obviously focused on creating additional revenue streams for people who have vacation rental homes to let, the platform has done much more […]

How to Start a Property Management Company

How to Start a Property Management Company

VRBO, Airbnb,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor… what do all of these have in common? They are all vacation rental websites, especially tailored for short-term vacation rental properties. With such a large presence online, the need for property management companies has grown exponentially over the years. If you are considering starting a property management company, then you […]

Rent the Perfect Vacation Rental for the Holidays

How to Rent the Perfect Vacation Rental for the Holidays

Today, the vacation rental marketplace has become an extremely competitive environment that only grows more popular by the day. There was a time when finding a rental for the holidays was a simple task; all you had to do was either find a travel agent to give you suggestions or Google the three or four […]

How to Choose Vacation Rental Software

How to Choose Vacation Rental Software

As an owner or manager or a rental property, you understand how many elements go into managing a rental. From cradle to grave, you are responsible for providing the renter with a successful rental process; this includes confirming the reservation, answering questions during the guests’ stay, and processing payment. Even the simplest reservation needs the […]

How Much Does a Property Manager Charge and How Much Do They Make

How Much Does a Property Manager Charge and How Much Do They Make?

It’s no surprise that a vacation rental will need to make money. Otherwise, you are renting your property simply for the fun of it (and a property that is being rented without making money doesn’t sound very fun). As the owner of a vacation rental, you are responsible for ensuring that the vacation rental collects […]

History of VRBO – Vacation Rental by Owner

History of VRBO – Vacation Rental by Owner

If you have searched online for a vacation property in the past few years, you have probably stumbled upon a site called VRBO. Owners and managers of vacation rental properties have made use of this well-known resource to list their vacation property for renting, making VRBO one of the best rental vacation sites online today. […]


Great Vacation Rental Towns

The invention of self-management vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway among many others has opened up what was previously a closed market to vacation renters. While there was a time only hotels and established B&Bs could hope to get the kind of trust and business that travelers offer worldwide, today, if you have […]

Buy a Vacation Home

Best Places for You to Buy a Vacation Home, Is it Time to Get in the Game?

Today, a select number of savvy investors are making an absolute financial killing by buying and renting out some of the best vacation homes on the planet. Thanks to platforms such as Airbnb, you too can easily join the game and start making a decent to luxurious living by renting out your vacation home. However, […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Airbnb Host

Airbnb Versus HomeAway

The vacation rental market is booming right now, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. No matter what kind of accommodation you own or wherever it’s located, there is a good chance that you will find a platform that will help you advertise it and put it in front of millions of eyes. […]

Airbnb 101 Listing Your Airbnb Property and Hosting Guests

Airbnb 101: Listing Your Airbnb Property and Hosting Guests

Airbnb has made its way to the top of the vacation rental websites and finds itself among names like VRBO, HomeAway, and If you are not using this popular platform to list your property, you are missing out. Lucky for you, we are offering Airbnb 101 for you to understand why you should be […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of VRBO for Owners

Advantages and Disadvantages of VRBO for Owners

VRBO began in 1995 and has grown to become one of the leading vacation rental websites online today. VRBO was acquired by HomeAway in 2006, and their joined forces were proving to be useful for both guests and owners. In 2015, HomeAway and VRBO were purchased by Expedia Group, Inc and the benefits of VRBO […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using VRBO and Airbnb to Book Your Vacation

As the host of a rental property, you know how important it is to maximize the listing of your vacation rental property. The listing of your vacation rental is what users who are searching for vacation rental properties will view to decide if your property is the one to book. VRBO (vacation rental by owner) […]

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Vacation Rental Software Comparison: Guesty vs. Kigo vs. Lodgify vs. Tokeet

Searching for the best vacation rental software is a simple process if you know what to look for. What features are important to you? Do you prefer software that is tailored to synchronizing calendars from multiple website listings? Is a website design feature what you look for when choosing vacation rental software? Below, we will […]

2019 Summer Vacation News

2019 Summer Vacation News – Google, Stay Alfred, VRM Intel, and More

If Airbnb and HomeAway are for alternative accommodations everywhere (mostly holiday locations like the beach) the Stay Alfred is for family-friendly alternative accommodations in urban areas. Based in Spokane, Washington, Stay Alfred is a vacation rental platform with a very particular niche: family-friendly urban dwellings. Since its founding in 2012, Stay Alfred has steadily positioned […]

New Jobs Working for Airbnb Owners

5 New Jobs Working for Airbnb Owners and Vacation Rental Management Companies

What’s the point in working if you can’t take a vacation, right? With so many people vacationing around the world, short-term vacation rental properties are more abundant than ever. With great power comes great responsibility, but in the world of vacation rentals, with a great amount of rental properties comes a great need of work […]

Greater Sum Ventures

Greater Sum Ventures and the Vacation Rental Industry

There is research to suggest that the global vacation rental market currently stands at around $169.7 billion. That number is only set to get bigger and more lucrative as more and more people opt for the casual and affordable homestay as opposed to traditional hotel bookings. With such big money at play, you would logically […]

standards of property care featured

Standards of Property Care – How Standards Can Set You Apart in Your Vacation Rental Business

Each vacation rental property is unique, and that’s why people love them. Hotels are different because they can optimize their rooms, and each room is designed to be identical. They have entire buildings full of rooms that have beds that are the same distance from the wall, lit by lamps that have the same wattage, […]

vacation rental property managers guide

Is Your Guest Communication Working? A Vacation Rental Property Managers Guide to Working with Guests

Guests have so many options when it comes to where to stay and the vacation rental home market. Because of this, doing the absolute minimum isn’t always going to lead to the turn out that you’re hoping for; an example would be a sold-out holiday. There are several things that you can do to market […]

growing your vacation rental business featured

Growing Your Vacation Rental Business – How to Attract Owners

The vacation rental business has one bottom line: growing your management for vacation rentals means that you must attract new owners. You might think that this isn’t an easy job, but it easily accomplished by taking a couple of simple steps. However, you must first understand why potential owners might be hesitant to alter the […]

tips and tricks for vacation rental managers featured

Tips and Tricks for Vacation Rental Managers to Get Through the Busy Season

During your busy season, you have little time for anything more than minding present customers and putting out fires. To ensure that all goes well, and customers are happy during peak periods, you’ll need to fully be prepared before the season starts. Here are some basic tips to ensure your busy season is a smashing […]

hiring vacation rental staff featured

Hiring Vacation Rental Staff – How to Find the Right Cleaners, Inspectors and Maintenance People

Unless you run a very small mom-and-pop vacation rental outfit (like a single home) and can devote a great deal of time and energy to cleaning and maintenance, you’re likely going to need at least some staff to help you with your rental operation. You also would be wise to hire inspectors to make sure […]

dynamic pricing vacation rentals featured

What, When and How to Use Dynamic Pricing for Vacation Rentals

One characteristic of successful vacation rentals is that they are aware of the emerging market and rental properties, so they understand how to get ahead of their competition. However, being aware doesn’t mean implementing a bunch of new tools. Instead, it’s about understanding and knowing what’s out there and how it works. Successful vacation rental […]

vacation rental podcasts featured

10+ Vacation Rental Podcasts You Need to Listen To

In the US alone, about 112 million people listen to one podcast or another. With over 750,000 podcasts available online, this has quickly become an efficient method for people to get information and educated on various niches that could end up making them money. Being in sync with the technological times in which we live, […]

vacation rental staffing featured

Vacation Rental Staffing – In House or 1099, What is Right for you?

Unless you have a very small vacation rental business (e.g., renting out just one home) or you can’t devote yourself to the business as a full-time job, you’ll likely need to hire staff to handle maintenance, cleaning, and other rental property-related work as well as someone to help you handle customer booking and guest needs […]

preventative maintenance tasks featured

Top 10 Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Vacation Rental Managers

Preventative, rather than merely reactive maintenance, is a must if you want your vacation rental business to be successful. Carefully planned, proactive prevention of problems is more efficient and saves money and time (and time is money). Sudden loss of A/C or heating, plumbing backups or leaks, and other unanticipated headaches can result in upset […]

The Best Guest Management Tools for Vacation Rentals

Renting out that spare bedroom in your house from time to time is one thing; managing a whole list of vacation rentals is quite another. While both these ventures are fundamentally the same, the complexity of overseeing numerous listings, often spread over vast areas and even on different continents, can give even the most organized […]

vacation rental maintenance featured

How to Handle Vacation Rental Maintenance – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Over 160 million guests booked to date; more than six million listings spread over 191 countries worldwide – Airbnb is one of the world’s most popular vacation rental platforms. As a homeowner with a listing on Airbnb or someone who manages vacation rentals, to you, there is more to these figures than just grand numbers […]

vacation rental software features & definitions featured

Vacation Rental Software Features and Definitions

Airbnb alone has over 6 million listings worldwide. Millions of people are making good money every month by hosting guests at their personal homes or in their bed and breakfast facilities through platforms just like Airbnb. Some of these people even have more than just one listing across several channels. Vacation rental business has arrived, […]

vacation rental software company winners featured

Vacation Rental Software Company Winners – Awards and Accolades in the Industry

Recognition for exemplary work, values and efforts are part of human culture. It’s one of the things that motivate us the most. The notion that being number one means that you are the best at something follows us throughout our lives and into the corporate world. The difference here is that apart from in-house awards […]

vacation rental industry news featured

Vacation Rental Industry News

One of the best ways to find out what is happening in any industry is to keep up with the news relating to that industry. In the vacation rental industry, there is always one kind of update or another. If it isn’t an event organized by one of the biggest industry players such as Vacation […]

vrscheduler vs breezeway vs properly featured

VRScheduler vs Breezeway vs Properly

As far as property management software goes, the industry is full of alternatives that tend to deliver almost the same thing. Almost! Many vacation rental and property management software promise to make life easier for owners and managers alike. While this claim is true, for the most part, there are some systems that work better […]

vacation rental trade shows featured

Vacation Rental Trade Shows and Events for 2019-2020

Every year, throughout the year, vacation rental professionals (owners, managers and interested parties) get together for various important industry events. These events vary greatly from trade shows, workshops, conferences and even webinars. Things like the location always change but what remains constant is that fact that these events bring industry experts together; experts who share […]

vacation rental software featured

Vacation Rental Software to Transform Your Company

The vacation rental industry is estimated to be worth about $193 billion by the time 2021 rolls around. With such big money involved, it’s only logical that there will be numerous parties with a vested interest in making the industry even more streamlined, efficient and profitable. Vacation rental software is one good example of these […]

best vacation rental software featured

What Is the Best Vacation Rental Software?

You know how in the real estate business they say that there are three things that you simply must get right to succeed: location, location, location? Well, in the vacation rental business, finding the right vacation rental software is just as important as having the right properties in all the right locations. Once you have […]

managing vacation rental laundry featured

Managing Vacation Rental Laundry

When it comes to the vacation rental business, one of the most time-consuming tasks that must be done is laundry. It doesn’t matter if you already own a vacation rental property or you are thinking about it, laundry is probably already on your mind. If you’re stressed about how to manage the laundry of your […]

Property Managers’ Guide to Vacation Rental Software

Vacation rental software features When it comes to vacation rental property management, the devil is in the details — and there are a million details to attend to. Keeping track of bookings, housekeeping, guest communications, marketing, owner statements, and more for multiple properties can get complicated quickly. Luckily, many of these details can be automated […]


July Updates

7/2 – Issues screen – added ability to filter by Region Group7/2 – Owners Reports – fix to view reports by Property7/20 – New Feature – push work orders into Escapia or Streamline from Issues or Completed Tasks 7/22 – Dependant Back to Backs are now showing in red on calendars and in dashboards.


VRScheduler + Hostfully

Hostfully provides both a Property Management platform and a Guidebook platform to allow vacation rental managers seamless and automated communications with guests. Hostfully integrates with VRScheduler to provide Hostfully customers with more comprehensive operations functionality. Get Started or Visit Hostfully


New Feature: Add Tasks while Adding Issues

Staff typically submits an Issue through their dashboard, and then the office manager creates a Task on the Scheduling Calendar as needed. In specific cases, it may be helpful to allow trusted Staff to generate a Standard Task through the Issues Form on their Dashboard, thus skipping administrative review step and immediately generating the Task […]


New Feature: Map View

You can now view your properties on a Google Map from Setup –> Properties, the Master Calendar and the Scheduling Calendar. Great for help planning routes and schedules, this feature is currently in Beta and Free. We will be charging a nominal fee for this feature in the future to cover our costs. Learn More […]


May and June Updates

5/22 New Feature: Blended Pay Rates – Pay hourly, by set amount or by set number of hours. View Details 6/4 Property Info Folder: Added Door Code6/15 Property Images: Sort is fixed.6/18 Staff Dashboards: Text fields now expand while typing.6/18 Staff Dashboards: Portuguese translations implemented.6/18 New Feature: Added the ability to Add Standard Task while […]

Property Tags

Feature Release: Work Smarter with Property Tags

Property Tags are used to group and view your properties however it makes sense for your company.  Examples include Full Service, RBO’s, Hot Tubs. Use property tags to filter the Master Calendar, Task Rule Assignments and Service History reports, and become even more efficient and accurate! Learn How >>


VRScheduler + Lodgable… Better Together!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Lodgable! VR Scheduler and Lodgable are pleased to announce their partnership and launch of the Lodgable and VR Scheduler integration.Lodgable believes channel management should be better. They won’t just give you a list of channels and then leave you to publish them on your own. Publish to […]

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The Best Door Locks for Vacation Rentals

Are they worth the cost? Are you looking for the best door locks for vacation rentals or Airbnb properties? Smart locks can be an incredibly convenient solution – they will keep all of your rentals secure and allow guests to check-in without you or your staff having to be there. Once smart door locks are […]


Press Release – Point Central and VRScheduler

PointCentral Smart Home Integration With VRScheduler Provides Vacation Rental Managers With More Efficient Operations PointCentral and VRScheduler Transforming Turn Days for Vacation Rental Managers Sep 18, 2018, 3:00am EDT PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — PointCentral, the leader in enterprise-scale Smart Home Automation solutions for short-term vacation rental property managers, today announced a technology integration partnership with […]

Best Vacation Rental Smart Locks

PointCentral and VRScheduler Partner to Integrate Vacation Rental Software and Smart Door Locks

  Vacation rental companies can now become even MORE efficient now that VRScheduler’s PointCentral integration is complete.   Point Central is spanning the home automation space and using the best door locks for vacation rental properties. PointCentral’s smart home automation controls door locks with keypads through the internet.  By using Point Central smart locks and connecting […]