Vacation Rental Software Company Winners – Awards and Accolades in the Industry

vacation rental software company winners featured

Recognition for exemplary work, values and efforts are part of human culture. It’s one of the things that motivate us the most. The notion that being number one means that you are the best at something follows us throughout our lives and into the corporate world. The difference here is that apart from in-house awards where employees might get the occasional “best employee of the month award,” companies compete as single entities.

This means that it’s every employee’s duty to help the company win big at award ceremonies. Winning means that the brand in question has set itself apart from its competitors as the best player in that category. This competition can be fierce, and stakeholders in the vacation rental industry are just as competitive and many win awards for their exemplary innovations, business culture and customer service.

Why Awards are Important to a Company

First and foremost, winning the right kind of award can greatly boost a company’s reputation within the vacation rental industry. But that is not the only reason why awards are so important to a company. Here are some reasons why winning can be so critical to the survival of a brand:

  • If you are a startup, winning an award sends a signal to all industry players, including investors that you have something worthwhile to offer
  • For established players, these awards showcase your business heritage and pride
  • Winning an award can also be very beneficial to your bottom-line. There is research to suggest that award-winning companies tend to see a 37% boost in their sales as well as a 44% jump in stock price
  • Winning will give your employees the kind of encouragement and pride that they need to do their best for the company. This kind of motivation only goes towards making the company better and more innovative

Of course, there are different kinds of awards in the corporate world, and they are all NOT created equal. It, therefore, matters what kind of award you win. However, just winning any award is a good start.

Award-Winning Vacation Rental Software Companies

The vacation rental software space has some big players, and they are all jostling for the opportunity to please the millions of people who go vacationing every year. These players not only have innovative tech but also exceptional customer service skills and social service efforts. Here are some vacation rental software companies and the awards that they have won in the past:

Virtual Concierge Service: Winner, VRMA “Innovator of the Year 2018

Virtual Concierge Services is a company that specializes in “Voice-activation” for the vacation rental space. The company offers vacation rental property owners and managers an opportunity to share their deep knowledge of their local community with their guests. They do this by pairing their services with Alexa, Google Home, Mini or Echo to help you deliver an interactive voice conversation either to the room or directly to the guest’s phone.

virtual concierge service

The company won the “Innovator of the Year” award in the VRMA (At the Vacation Rental Management Association International Conference in 2018). This award was for the exemplary service that the company offers when it comes to the ease with which they allow vacation rental owners and managers to offer local shopping, attractions and food recommendation to their guests.

Hostly: Winner, VRMB’s “Best All-Around Vacation Rental Software” 2019

Hostly, a very successful vacation rental software, has garnered a wonderful reputation for itself in the industry. It’s so good that it recently won “The Best All-Around Vacation Rental Software” at the VRMB Keystone awards. According to the judges, Hostly won this award because it’s one of the best software in the industry. Period!


As a small property management software company, Hostly has positioned itself perfectly: it’s the only software that can compete on both sides of the coin (the 1-50 rental property count and the 50+ property count fields). This makes it a unique player for both ends of the spectrum. To top it all off, Hostly offers such exemplary features for a rather affordable price. This company has the industry figured out.

Track: Winner, VRMB’s “Vacation Rental Software of the Future,” 2019

Track is software that is built on three very stable pillars: it’s a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it’s a PMS (Property Management Software), and it’s a booking engine all rolled into one neat package. What makes this software company unique is the CRM bit which allows the vacation rental property owner or manager to better relate with and “own” their guests.

track software

This software allows you to build a better relationship with your guests, thus giving you a better chance of getting repeat business from them. This is the fundamental difference that makes this the software of the future. As the industry gets ever so competitive, vacation rental property owners and managers will need a way to keep their guests coming back. Track helps them do that and much more.

Rent Manager: “Best Workplace of the Year” Award, 2019

Rent Manager is a vacation rental software owned by LCS in Cincinnati. The company specializes in developing cutting-edge business tech that is geared towards transforming the customer experience. LCS says that they can only do this through by keeping a happy and highly satisfied workforce.

lcs logo

The Rent Manager property management software is one of their best-performing products, and the fact that it was created by highly motivated employees thanks to the wonderful culture at LCS has garnered this company worldwide recognition. The Cincinnati Enquirer named the company one of the “Top Workplaces” for eight consecutive years.

There are so many other vacation rental software companies that have gained amazing recognition for the exemplary work that they do within the niche. These are companies that work tirelessly to push the envelope and bring the customer only the best possible innovation to completely revolutionize their experience.

As an industry player (vacation rental property owner or manager) it pays to keep your ear to the ground to see which companies are making waves in terms of award winnings. These are the companies that will shape the future of your business.